Horse Club Few Horses

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Address Наро-Фоминский городской округ, дер. Новосумино, Южная улица, 27 50 km from Moscow
Contacts +7 (906) 089-09-08
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Spending a day at the farm, riding a horse, visiting the sauna, and even staying overnight in an English castle-like house can all be found by arriving at Few Horses. The peculiarity of this place is its intimacy and authenticity, everything is done so that guests can relax and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Horse riding and horseback riding

Horse riding lessons take place in an indoor arena on calm horses. The lesson is taught by an experienced trainer - beginners can feel confident in the saddle, and experienced riders will improve their skills and learn something new.

Everything is done so that the client feels comfortable - there are comfortable changing rooms with individual lockers and a shower, individual protection, and the training schedule is made so that only you, the horse and the instructor are on the arena.

Experienced riders are offered to go on a horse ride lasting two hours. During this time, you will walk several kilometers along a country road, along a sandy forest path for high-speed driving, as well as through a spruce forest. Then you will have a rest - you can relax, drink hot tea and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Getting to know the farm

The Farm Experience program is designed for a group of up to four people. It includes a walk around the grounds, chatting with horses and a short riding lesson in the arena. You will be told about keeping animals, about caring for them, and you can treat them to a treat and take beautiful pictures. The duration of the program is 1.5 hours.

A day at the farm

Guests are offered to spend a day on the farm and relax body and soul. First, you will go for a walk around the farm, learn its history, get to know the horses and, of course, feed and pet them. Then go for a walk in the forest - it can be horse or ATV, it's up to you. During this short trip, there will be a halt with a bonfire and sincere conversations.

And on the farm, after a walk, a hot wood-fired sauna, herbal tea and massage await you. Then it will be dinner time in the fireplace room with high ceilings and stained glass windows. You will be sound asleep after such a busy day. In the morning you will have a breakfast of farm products and a riding lesson in the arena.

other services

A photo session with a horse in beautiful locations of an English farm will give you a lot of wonderful pictures and positive emotions. Clients can use the services of a photographer from the farm or invite their own.

“Date at the Castle” is an opportunity to spend time with your loved one in the atmosphere of an old English estate. A candlelit dinner and relaxation in the castle awaits lovers.

Few Horses also offers ATV trekking - the route will be fun, but not extreme, so it's suitable even for inexperienced drivers.

Personal horse riding lesson (1 hour) - 4500 rubles

Horseback riding (2 hours) - 8,900 rubles per person, 12,900 rubles for two people

“Getting to know the farm” program (1.5 hours) - 6500 rubles per group (1-4 people)

Day at the Farm program (from 14:00 to 12:00 the next day) - 38,900 rubles (for two people)



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