Surf-kite-club "Senezh"

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Address 55 km from Moscow
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A team of true professionals invites everyone to join the most interesting sports - windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding and others. The club is based in Solnechnogorsk - on the shore of Lake Senezh. Comfortable and safe training, modern equipment and just a sea of ​​positive emotions await you.

Summer and winter sports

Windsurfing is one of the sailing sports. Managing a small board with a sail is a real art, which they are ready to teach you at the "Senezh" club. Beginners are offered to start their journey with an individual two-hour lesson with an instructor - during this time you will learn the basics of this sport and safety techniques, practice on the shore, and then go out on the water, where you can already control the sail on your own and make simple maneuvers. And in winter you can try surfing on ice!

Experienced athletes are offered the rental of quality equipment and wetsuits. If you have your own board with a sail, but do not have enough space at home or do not want to carry it with you every time, you can leave it at the club for a small fee.

Stand-up paddle boarding is ideal for those who like a relaxing holiday. No extreme - you float on a wide board with a paddle on the water surface, enjoying summer and freedom. For lovers of speed and adrenaline, kitesurfing and wakeboarding await here. But if the first is suitable for experienced athletes, but the club "Senezh" is ready to teach you wakeboarding from scratch!

In addition, the club offers to rent a pleasure yacht and go to watch the sunset - if you, of course, have experience in management. Yoga classes and other sports activities are also often held on the shore.

The Senezh aite surf club is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

Windsurfing training, individual lesson - 2000 rubles (the price includes a board, sail, wetsuit)

Windsurf rental - 1000 rubles per hour for a complete set (board + sail)

SUP rental - 500 rubles per hour (board, paddle and life jacket)

Sap walk - 1000 rubles for an hour and a half

Sap yoga (group training) - 1000 rubles

What else to visit in Solnechnogorsk?

Piligrim Porto Park is an amazing site that remained in the urban district of Solnechnogorsk after the filming of the movie. Today everyone can visit it and see the unusual decorations. A whole city of the 18th century awaits guests - a frigate, houses, a Gothic cathedral, a fortress and even a graveyard with a gallows!

The Serednikovo estate is located very close to Piligrim Porto - the poet Mikhail Lermontov used to be here as a child. In other years, the beautiful estate was visited by singer Fyodor Chaliapin, composer Sergei Rachmaninov and artists Valentin Serov and Konstantin Yuon. We advise you to join the excursion - this way you will learn a lot of interesting things and do not miss a single important exhibit. And then you can take a walk in the beautiful manor park.

Children will especially like the unusual “Food of Rusi” museum - theatrical excursions are conducted there by characters from Russian fairy tales, and among the exhibits there are dishes and recipes of Russian cuisine. You can take part in a culinary master class and prepare a traditional lunch - which, of course, can and should be eaten later.



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