Chester Ferry Restaurant

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Address Одинцовский городской округ, д. Таганьково, коттеджный поселок Николино 24 km from Moscow
Contacts +7 (495) 545-33-95
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The building of the Chester Ferry restaurant is designed in the style of the medieval buildings of the city of Chester. On the top floor there is a pub, divided into two zones: a bar for beer and football lovers and a living room with an old wood-burning fireplace.

The Victorian restaurant is located on the ground floor. On expensive mustard tablecloths and snow-white Wedgwood china, you will be served dishes worthy of the most demanding taste. The banquet hall offers a beautiful view of the lake.

On the menu you will find dishes of European and Mediterranean cuisine. It serves oysters, tiger prawns, mini calamari, pasta, risotto, duck leg, rack of lamb, steaks, a good selection of pizzas and burgers, as well as more than 15 types of desserts.

Travel time from Moscow: up to 40 minutes

Working hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday - from 12:00 to 23:00



Средний чек 3 500 руб.


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