Mysterious, mystical and anomalous places of the Moscow region, about which they tell scary stories

Mysterious, mystical and anomalous places of the Moscow region, about which they tell scary stories

In addition to beautiful estates, picturesque parks and interesting museums, there are many places in the Moscow region that will be interesting to visit for those who love to tickle their nerves. The caves where a young girl with the face of an old woman wanders, a mysterious black pillar that misleads travelers, the ghost of the Queen of Spades, an abandoned chapel in the anomalous zone and the Russian Stonehenge - read about all this in our selection. But remember that these are just legends, and you should not take everything written to heart.

Syanovsk quarries (caves)

Address: urban district Domodedovo, village Starosyanovo

Coordinates: 55.485325, 37.787395

The Syanovsk quarries are the largest known ancient system in the Moscow region and the fifth largest in Russia. Limestone was mined here for the construction of "white-stone" Moscow. After the revolution, mining stopped, and a little later the quarries were completely closed. But in the 80s, spelestologists opened one of the entrances, and in 2007 the inhabitants of Xian repaired it, strengthened it and put up a steel staircase.

For many years, thrill-seekers have come here to wander through the underground labyrinths. The entrance to Syany was brewed after a group of children with a guide was lost there in December 2020.

Of course, such places always keep many legends. For example, one of the longest manholes of the quarry, which was called "Shchuchim", allegedly restores the memory of the moment of their own birth in people who climb along it, or discovers superpowers in them.

And in the Central drift, there is a real human skull in a helmet and a gas mask and an imitation of human remains. This is the so-called local deity Aristarchus, to whom it is customary to leave various "gifts". There is a superstition that if you appease the spirit with some small gift, it will accompany the tourist and protect him from an accident.

Another local legend is about Two-Face. If you get lost in the quarries, you can call her for help. She will appear in the form of a beautiful girl and show the way to the exit. But as soon as you get close to him, she will turn around, and her face will be like that of a terrible old woman. Before you have time to blink an eye, you will find yourself deep in caves, where no one can find you.

Komyaginsky black pillar

Address: Pushkin city district, Komyagino village

Coordinates: 55.994722, 37.958056

The village of Komyagino is located near Ivanteevka. Old-timers remember the legend about the mysterious black pillar, which stands in the wilderness. Allegedly, travelers who came across him on the way became witnesses of a strange phenomenon: their watches immediately stopped and the compass stopped working. After that, many lost their way and wandered in the forest for several days. No one can name the exact location of the pillar: they say that every time it appears in a new place.

Damned road between Lyubertsy and Lytkarino

Address: Lyubertsy urban district, Pekhorka village

Coordinates: 55.632596, 37.972721

If you are prone to superstition, then it is better to find ways to bypass the section of the highway between Lyubertsy and Lytkarino near the village of Pekhorka. They say that earlier on this place there was an ancient burial of the XI century, where they found the last refuge of suicides. Now drivers now and then notice on the sidelines, and sometimes right in front of the hood, strange passengers - ghosts. For example, an old woman with a stick. And in these places, magnetic anomalies were allegedly recorded. Fatal accidents occur here.

The Apraskin Manor

Address: Dmitrovsky urban district, village Olgovo

Coordinates: 56.271822, 37.344866

50 kilometers from Moscow, in the Dmitrovsky urban district, is the once luxurious, but now abandoned manor of the Apraskins in Olgovo.

This place was once popular with the Moscow elite. In the 18th-19th centuries, there was a serf theater, where all the noble singers, musicians and actors came. The socialite Natalya Golitsyna, who came to visit her daughter, Apraskin's wife, also loved to visit the estate. It was she who became the prototype of the princess in Pushkin's story "The Queen of Spades".

The poet heard this story from Golitsyna's grandson. Once in France, Natalya Petrovna lost a huge amount at cards. She had to seek help from her friend, the Comte Saint-Germain. He was an extraordinary person and repeatedly caused bewilderment in society with statements that he was present at the events of centuries ago. For example, during the execution of Jesus Christ. Saint-Germain didn’t lend money to Golitsyna, but named three cards, by betting which she would be able to win back. And so it happened.

According to the legend, the ghost of Golitsyna still wanders around the estate, yearning for the old days, when feasts and playing cards were held here.

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Ryazantsy village

Address: Sergiev Posad urban district, Ryazantsy village

Coordinates: 56.230482, 38.105232

The village of Ryazantsy is located in the Sergiev Posad urban district. It has an ancient history. The inhabitants of the Ryazan principality, which was plundered by Khan Batu, once hid in the local dense forests. Much later it was through this place that St. Sergius of Radonezh passed. The Holy Trinity appeared here to Queen Anastasia, who was on a pilgrimage to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

One day a strange event happened near the village. For the first time they started talking about him in the middle of the last century, and over time this story began to acquire new details. Two young people, a boy and a girl, somehow returned home through the forest at dusk. Suddenly, for no reason at all

in the forest, they heard voices, laughter, dogs barking and buckets clattering. The travelers were numb with fear, because there were no people or settlements nearby, from where these sounds could be heard. They stood motionless for a while, trying to understand what was happening, but then decided to run away from this mysterious place.

When the guy and the girl returned to the village and told about what had happened, the elderly local residents were not surprised. They said that mysterious sounds were heard by other people from the surrounding villages, who wandered through the forest. And some even saw a man in a raincoat.

There is an opinion that it was on this road that Tatars or Gypsies, who were traveling in a wagon train, died many years ago. They were allegedly attacked by a forest robber. And now it is their voices that are heard in the wilderness.

Shushmor tract

Address: at the junction of the Vladimir region and the urban district of Shatura

Coordinates: 55 ° 42'18 "N 40 ° 7'46" E

On the border of the Moscow and Vladimir regions, in the Meshchersky forests, there is an anomalous zone known throughout Russia. The Shushmor tract is a mysterious place. It is not marked on any map. Eyewitnesses who managed to visit there tell absolutely incredible things about him.

Around the tract, swampy forests stretch for several kilometers. Before the revolution, the lively Kolomensky tract passed not far from it. The strange disappearances of people here began in the 19th century. In 1885, a member of the local council disappeared along with a cab and a cart with horses. The investigation reached a dead end and the case was closed. Two years later, a whole wagon train disappeared there, and again the police found nothing. Mysterious incidents continued for many years: a postman, a land surveyor and several peasants - about 19 people in total - disappeared in these parts.

Already in our time, researchers have noted strong magnetic vibrations in these places. In addition, the locals have a legend about a stone ball overgrown with moss. It is he who keeps in himself the solution to the disappearances of people.

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Catoire station

Address: Dmitrovsky district, urban settlement Nekrasovsky, urban-type settlement Nekrasovsky

Coordinates: 56.091401, 37.504403

The Katuar railway station is located in the Dmitrovsky urban district. The first unusual phenomena began to occur here in the middle of the twentieth century. Local forests were called "prodigal" because many travelers got lost in them, and they were not helped by maps or compasses. Once a professor got lost in the forest, who came to his friends' dacha and decided to go to the forest to pick mushrooms. They found him a few days later, he was very scared and talked about the meeting with humanoid humanoids.

A few years later, a similar situation happened to a man who was walking in the woods with a dog. And since the late 60s, local residents have often noticed incomprehensible balls of fire in the sky.

Death Lake

Address: Shatura urban district

Coordinates: 55 ° 44'7 "N 39 ° 49'21" E

This name was given to the lake by local residents due to the fact that a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide emanated from it. But now you will not feel it: the stench disappeared more than 20 years ago. There is a version that a perfectly round peat lake was formed about 10 thousand years ago as a result of a meteorite fall. However, serious scientific research aimed at elucidating the nature of the lake basin has not yet been carried out.

And, of course, this place was included in our selection for a reason. It is also shrouded in secrets and legends. According to one of them, once there was a chapel on the bank of the bank, but under strange circumstances it collapsed to the bottom of the lake together with the clerk who was there. Hence the name: "the death of a clerk."

There is also a belief that on the shore of this lake a person falls into an altered state of consciousness. Some particularly impressionable natures claim that they even saw UFOs and mysterious transparent silhouettes in these places.


Address: urban district Pavlovsky Posad

Coordinates: 55.78269 ° 38.598163 °

The anomalous zone located in the vicinity of the Chapel village in the Pavlovsky Posad urban district still attracts the attention of domestic and foreign ufologists. In their opinion, there is a powerful geopathogenic node there. This is the area within which phenomena occur that are hardly explainable with the help of modern scientific theories. Trees in the forest grow at an unnatural angle, in summer, diverging circles form on the grass, strange sounds and flashes are heard around. And people who find themselves in this place have an unreasonable fear and a feeling of intense anxiety.

The center of the anomalous zone is an old dilapidated chapel built around the 17th century. Initially it was made of wood, but then the locals rebuilt the stone one. During the years of Soviet power, it was abandoned and continues to be in this state to this day.

Locals say that the chapel was built on the site of a pagan temple. In ancient times, white-stone idols of pagan gods stood here. Their remains are still present in the masonry of the structure.


Mysterious burial mounds

Address: Peredelkino station, Kiev direction

Coordinates: 55.655935, 37.350710

Not far from the Peredelkino station are the so-called "Napoleon's burial mounds" - the burial place of French soldiers who died in battles in 1812. They say that inexplicable phenomena occur near the grave ramparts. Hands of wristwatches start to spin faster, and time on mobile phones gets lost. Some even observed mirages in these places.

Tract "White Gods"

Address: Sergiev Posad urban district

Coordinates: 56.208571 ° 38.037 °

Many years ago the ancient pagan temple White Gods was located near the village of Radonezh. This place in the northeast of the Moscow region is notorious. Legend has it that pagans made sacrifices there in the 12th century. The altar was a large stone hemisphere, about six meters in diameter and three meters high. Belobog, as the name suggests, is the supreme god of goodness. According to some reports, the idol of Belobog was installed on a hill and begged for protection from Chernobog. The mention of the temple can be found in the travel notes of the Polish archaeologist and ethnographer Khodakovsky.

In Soviet times, this place was explored using aerial photography and made out a layout resembling Stonehenge.

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Pokrovskaya anomalous zone

Address: city Klin, village Pokrovka

Coordinates: 56.244127,36.863464

There is a whole host of unexplained oddities in this place. In a forest glade near the village, local residents often noticed UFOs and dust columns in the air, fishermen saw a large water funnel in the pond, and mushroom pickers admitted that they were experiencing bouts of causeless fear. Also, mobile communications are lost here, cars are stalled, and even local residents who know the area well can easily get lost in the forest. They say that some forest areas are even bypassed by animals ...