Weekends and holidays with children in the suburbs: 20 best options

Weekends and holidays with children in the suburbs: 20 best options

Is your child interested in science or history? Loves cars, planes and technology? Or does he prefer outdoor games, water slides and rope parks? Or maybe he always dreamed of riding a camel or a dog sled? All this is not far from Moscow! See a selection of places where it will be interesting to spend time for children of different ages and their parents.

Children's interactive center "Exponarium"

Address: Istra, New Jerusalem embankment, building 1

Contacts: +7 (498) 314-02-36

Prices: child ticket - 250 rubles, adult ticket - 250 rubles, children under 4 years old - free. Children under 12 years old attend the Children's Center accompanied by adults

Website: https://njerusalem.ru/news/detskij-tsentr-eksponarium-otkrylsja-v-muzee-novyj-ierusalim/

The expositions of the children's interactive center "Exponarium" in a fascinating way acquaint young visitors with the history, nature, culture, scientific achievements and outstanding people of the Moscow region.

The guides are cartoon characters specially created for the project - the tireless explorer and traveler Yegor Sledopytov and his friend, Plyusik bird. Their tips and comments help young guests.

This museum is also fully interactive. The guys will be able to fly the plane from a real cockpit, feel like a bird or an animal and make discoveries in the world of microorganisms and design their own estate near Moscow.

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Museum of impressions

Address: Sergiev Posad, Moscow highway, 25

Contacts: +7 (964) 710-58-54

Prices: a single ticket to all zones - 1000 rubles per person

Website: https://muzeivpechatlenii.ru/

For vivid emotions and colorful photographs, come to the Museum of Impressions in Sergiev Posad. All the exhibits here can be touched, viewed, sitting on and lying on.

For guests there is a unique exhibition of 3D paintings, a quest in reality and a tape maze with different secrets and secrets. Unleash your creativity and dive into the wonderful world of magic!

Vadim Zadorozhny Museum of Technology

Address: Krasnogorsk urban district, Arkhangelskoe village, Ilyinskoe highway, 8

Contacts: +7 (495) 662-38-18

Prices: complex ticket (auto + aviation + territory) - 700 rubles, standard ticket (auto or aviation + territory) - 600 rubles, family ticket (auto + aviation + territory) for a group of 2 adults + 2 children - 1900 rubles, children up to 6 years (upon presentation of the relevant document) - free

Website: https://www.tmuseum.ru/

The legendary Soviet T-34 tank, self-propelled artillery installations, multiple launch rocket systems and anti-aircraft missile systems, cars, airplanes, motorcycles, weapons and much more are collected in the largest private museum of ancient technology in Russia - the Vadim Zadorozhny Museum of Technology.

The museum offers a wide range of excursion programs for children from 10 years old and adults. You can choose a sightseeing tour and learn about how the unique collection was collected and the museum was created. The service "Riding on equipment" is an opportunity to drive through the territory of the museum in a retro car. And here you can also take part in a master class with real historical weapons.

Lego Fox Bricks Museum

Address: Odintsovo urban district, Zvenigorod, Ratekhinskoe highway, 1C

Contacts: +7 (916) 294-62-37

Prices: excursion (1 hour) - 1000 rubles per person; for groups of three people - 600 rubles per person

Website: https://letsgo-museum.ru/

Colored Lego sets are the cherished dream of many children. We are sure they will be delighted when they see the whole city of Lego with an area of ​​over 50 square meters. Plus, the Lego Fox Bricks Museum has Hogwarts Castle, Friends Cafe Central Perk, StarWars, Technic, Harry Potter, Brickheadz sets and more!

The museum can only be visited with a guided tour. Book by phone: +7 (916) 294-62-37.

Lazer.net Museum

Address: Noginsk, Revsobraniy street, 2

Contacts: +7 (916) 987-05-68

Prices: 500 rubles

Website: https://lazer-net.ru/

The Lazer.net museum contains interactive exhibits of a scientific and educational direction, which cover the sections of quantum physics, optics and astronomy. Here you can not only get acquainted with scientific phenomena in an accessible game form and plunge into the world of space and illusions, but also take part in experiments, compete with each other, and also test your intellectual and psychological abilities.

Science can be fun! In the museum, children will be able to touch with their hands everything that they have read about in textbooks during field lessons.

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Outdoor activities
Rope park "PandaPark"

Address: Odintsovo urban district, Meshchersky park

Contacts: +7 (495) 646-04-24

Prices: two routes - 1500 rubles

Website: https://pandapark.org/

PandaPark is the largest rope park network in Moscow and the Moscow region. In Meshchersky Park, there are routes of different difficulty levels, with obstacles and nets, suspension bridges and bungee hoops. Don't worry about safety: there is a continuous double line of belay, which does not allow you to unfasten the carabiner until the end of the selected route.

Kids can try their hand at the Leader of the Redskins track. This is the easiest route, but young guests will still have to overcome some interesting obstacles. On the "Brave Sheriff" track for older children, the test participants will find a "snake" bridge, hanging pancakes and much more.

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Active recreation park "Razdolye"

Address: Odintsovo urban district, Razdory village

Contacts: +7 (495) 592-79-17

Prices: bike rental - from 250 rubles (for 1 hour), electric scooter rental - from 250 rubles (for 10 minutes), rope park - from 1000 rubles, auto city - 500 rubles (15 minutes)

Website: https://park-razdolye.ru/

The Razdolye Active Rest Park is a great place where you can spend weekends and holidays with children. There are many different children's and sports grounds equipped there: an air maze, Norway Park, a rope park, two large rubber-covered playgrounds, a pump track, a skate park, a basketball and mini-football court, a car city, and in winter - skating rink and slide for descending on tubing.

If you get hungry, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the four cafes or in the food court area. Italian thin crust pizza, tender donuts, delicious hot dogs, hot chicken soup - everyone will find food for themselves.

Ethnopark "Nomad"

Address: Sergiev Posad urban district, Khotkovo city

Contacts: +7 (905) 760-52-00

Prices: adult ticket - 500 rubles, children from 7 to 14 years old - 350 rubles

Website: http://ethno-park.ru/

This place will be a pleasure to spend a weekend with the whole family: entertainment will be found not only for children, but also for adults.

In the ethnopark "Nomad" you can get acquainted with Kalmyk bactrian camels, Mongolian yaks, deer, lambs, sheep, goats, geese and northern sled dogs and feed them from the palm of your hand, take pictures in traditional Mongolian clothes, attend a master class on painting and weaving, ride on a camel and donkeys and shoot a bow. The entrance ticket price includes a rich excursion program, master classes and a concert.

Animal farm "Shikhovo"

Address: Dmitrovsky urban district, Komarovka village, 48

Contacts: +7 (495) 298-30-20

Prices: adult ticket - 700 rubles, child ticket - 500 rubles

Website: https://www.shihovofarm.ru/

Zoological farm "Shikhovo" is a great place where you can spend a weekend in nature, visit interesting excursions, chat with friendly animals and buy fresh farm products.

Children will be delighted with communication with huskies, horses, deer, rabbits and other animals. All of them are vaccinated, accustomed to regular communication with people and are absolutely not aggressive. With husky dogs it will be possible not only to play and take pictures, but also to walk around the territory with them and ride a dog sled.

Entertainment centers
Virtual reality club "Viard"

Address: Dmitrov Moskovskaya Street, 29

Contacts: +7 (901) 352-61-67

Prices: 1 VR-helmet - 900 rubles, 2 VR-helmets - 1800 rubles, 3 VR-helmets - 2700 rubles, 4 VR-helmets - 3200 rubles

Website: https://viar-dmitrov.ru/

Fans of computer games of all ages will definitely appreciate the Viard virtual reality club. More than 60 games of all genres are offered to guests. For example, Half Life: Alyx, where you will play the role of Alix Vance, who has to raise a rebellion, Arizona Sunshine, where you need to fight for your life in the hot Arizona desert after the onset of the zombie apocalypse, Elven Assassin, in which you become an assassin defending the gates elven city, and many others. All games have an age limit of 8+.

There are games in which all family members will be involved. They will be able to compete with each other. A scenario is possible when two players are playing a joint game, and the rest are playing another game.

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Clock In Lock Quests

Address: Khimki, Yubileiny prospect, 36

Contacts: +7 (495) 664-45-28

Prices: 4000 rubles for a team of four

Website: https://clockinlock.com/

Find out the secret of the old doctor who mysteriously disappeared with his family, find the missing person who can change the course of our entire history, and risk robbing the casino! Clock In Lock offers a choice of several quest plots of varying difficulty. Participants will have to apply logic, dexterity and ingenuity, as well as the ability not to lose coordination in space. You can play with the whole family.

Entertainment center LaserLand

Address: Krasnogorsk, Mezhdunarodny street, 12 (Vegas Crocus City Times Square shopping mall, 3rd floor)

Contacts: +7 (495) 236-90-99

Prices: a game of laser tag for one person - 200 rubles, unlimited games of laser tag for one person (1 hour) - 650 rubles

Website: https://laser-land.ru/myakinino.html

Family center "Cosmopolis"

Address: Lyubertsy, Oktyabrsky prospect, 366 (SEC "Orbita", 4th floor)

Contacts: +7 (495) 502-00-00

Prices: bowling - from 480 rubles, laser tag - from 150 rubles, labyrinth - from 170 rubles, quest - from 5200 rubles

Website: https://cosmo-polis.ru/

Family Center "Cosmopolis" - 3000 square meters of entertainment for the whole family! The choice of activities is huge: you can go through an obstacle course in the Ninja Quest, compete in accuracy on nine bowling lanes, visit a play area with attractions and funny animators, try your luck and ingenuity on game simulators, play non-contact laser combat in a space maze with special effects, sing your favorite karaoke songs and have a delicious meal.

While the children are having fun, adults can relax in the Dirigible lounge cafe or the Vasily Alibabaevich oriental restaurant.

Freezone Aeroclub

Address: Chekhov, Simferopol highway, 59th km

Contacts: +7 (495) 181-01-09

Prices: two-minute flight in a wind tunnel - 1650 rubles

Website: https://www.freezone.net/

The Freezone Club has 2 wind tunnels with the largest flight zone, an artificial wave for surfing with artesian water, a VR training ground, a rope park and an interactive shooting range.

The flight in the wind tunnel will definitely be remembered by you and your child for a long time! There are several programs to choose from. You can choose the flight altitude (15 or 21 meters), the number of minutes (from 2 to 30) and the number of people.

Water park "Kva-kva park"

Address: Mytishchi, Kommunisticheskaya street, building 1

Contacts: +7 (495) 258-06-83

Prices: “Evening at the Sea” rate (2 hours 40 minutes) - 700 rubles for children, 1300 rubles for adults; “Vacation in the city” tariff (4 hours) - 800 rubles for children, 1550 rubles for adults; tariff "Vacation in the city" (12 hours) - 900 rubles for children, 2200 for adults

Website: https://kva-kva.ru/

The water amusement park "Kva-Kva Park" is a real oasis of fun with an area of ​​4200 square meters. The unique complex offers entertainment for all family members.

For adults and adolescents, there is a Virazh slide with a maze-like track, Multislide, which can be used by four people at the same time, Black Hole is a real adventure for extreme lovers, Family Slide, from which you can find yourself in an amazingly beautiful "Lagoon" with a Jacuzzi, "Wild River" with a mountain river-like track, and "Tsunami" and "Cyclone" slides for reckless daredevils.

And the youngest visitors to the water park will have a great time in a colorful children's town with slides, attractions with fountains and a waterfall.

On the territory of the water park there is also a restaurant "Troy" and a beach bar "Laguna", where guests can have a snack and relax after water attractions.

Cognitive interactive
Food Quantorium "Tasty Laboratory"

Address: Krasnogorsk city district, Ilyinsky blind alley street, 6

Contacts: +7 (925) 090-48-38

Prices: from 800 rubles

Website: https://vk.com/vkusnaya_laboratoriya

An excursion to the Tasty Laboratory food quantorium has a unique format. It combines learning, entertainment and interaction in the food industry.

Participants, completing tasks in a playful way, learn about the technologies for the production of confectionery and dairy products, take part in the preparation of chocolate, figure out where yogurt and other fermented milk products come from, try themselves in the role of real alchemists and create their own delicious flavors, eliminate an industrial accident , and at the final stage they will become real chefs and create their own culinary masterpiece - the cake of their dreams.

Chocolate factory "Confael"

Address: Krasnogorsk city district, Kommunalny kvartal street, building 3

Contacts: +7 (495) 777-13-33

Prices: excursion "Chocolate Master" (interactive program and drawing on a chocolate bar) - 2100 rubles, master class "Chocolate Artist" - 1750 rubles, making handmade chocolates - 550 rubles

Website: https://konfaelprazdnik.ru/

An excursion to the chocolate factory will give the little sweet tooth a sea of ​​pleasant emotions and will be remembered for a long time. Depending on the program you choose: stories about chocolate, tasting, quiz with prizes, drawing a chocolate card, making assorted candies or chocolate lollipops, chocolate soap making. Here you can take chocolate with your hands and draw pictures with it, you can smear yourself with chocolate paints as much as you like and lick your fingers, because the paints are edible and very tasty!

Children's city of professions "KidBurg"

Address: Solnechnogorsk urban district, 18 km of Leningradskoe highway from MKAD (SEC "Zelenopark")

Contacts: +7 (499) 113-08-62

Prices: children from 1 to 3 years old - 700 rubles, children from 4 to 14 years old - 1490 rubles

Website: https://moscow.kidburg.ru/

In the children's city of professions "KidBurg" children in a friendly atmosphere acquire the most important skills in the process of playing, mastering the professions of the future. The child feels like an adult, learns to make decisions, keep track of finances and cooperate with others.

Here children will be able to get acquainted with more than 50 professions and, of course, they will acquire skills that will definitely come in handy in adult life. A brave firefighter or a brave police officer, a successful banker or a talented hairdresser - which path will your child choose?